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Social Media Marketing – In-house or Outsource?

Someone asked me on LinkedIn – Social Media Marketing – In-house or Outsource? When it comes to outsourcing or doing it in-house there are always considerations that need to be made. The major considerations are the following: 1) size of campaign – Small campaigns better just to outsource the work. However, for large campaigns building […]

Reputation Management – Preparing for Combat

I had an interesting conversation with someone who was in a very dog eat dog business. The point we both agreed on was that online business is much more cut-throat than anything in the offline space. Maybe because online business involves virtual bloodshed where the victims are never seen. People will sabotage you. People will […]

Crack Marketing – Getting People Addicted to Your Marketing

I realize the title may offend people, but hear me out first. Often when I work with clients it is all about giving them a taste of the power of web marketing then getting them hooked on the success. Generally a client will want more and more of a good thing. I call this crack […]

Setting Realistic Marketing Goals

Ranking on Google or any search engine is based on real factors. What it takes to optimize a site and build links to it is relatively simple. However, that doesn’t mean you will ever rank for any term you want. I remember the case where a client asked me to get a 1 page web […]

The Power of Ego – The Driving Force Behind Social Media

the importance that ego plays in social media doesn’t undervalue the importance of social media itself.

How Technology Waits for Noone

As communication between people around the world becomes as seamless as breathing, I wonder how technology will evolve in the next five years. I remember long distance phone bills being the bane of my parents existence. Now, even though the phone companies tried to stop it, calling long distance is virtually free. Technology pushed forward […]

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Red Flags of Web Design Companies – 3 things to watch out for

3 things to watch out for with web design companies

The Social Network – Facebook Movie Review

On Friday I took a rare opportunity to go see the movie “The Social Network”. The movie shows how a nerd from Harvard with only 1 friend to his credit launched the largest social network, Facebook. Overall, it was a great movie. Strangely what I really enjoyed was getting an insight to the life at […]