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Professional SEO Services

Recently I finished SEO work for a client, which made me really understand the difference between what most SEOs do and the service I provide. I believe this story will illustrate this difference and is a useful reference for anyone who wants to do professional SEO work. Difference in SEO Experience The client found me […]

Marketing Success – Giving People What They Want

This is pretty obvious advice, but remember most advice even the best advice isn’t taken. Many companies try to push products and services onto people that they really don’t want. There is a false assumption that people will buy anything as long as it is branded enough and people are bombarded with advertising. Sometimes it […]

15 Twitter Hashtags you need to use for web marketing

For those who don’t know, Hashtags on Twitter (#) allow you to link your Tweet to a conversation. By searching that Hashtag you can view that conversation. For example #pepsi would connect you to the conversation on Pepsi. Recently, I was helping a client with preparing their Tweets. They sell closet organizers and wanted to […]

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Godaddy Encourages People to Set up Twitter Accounts

I haven’t logged into my GoDaddy account for awhile, but when I logged-in today I noticed something new. GoDaddy has integrated Twitter registration into its domain manager (see below image), allowing users to check if the Twitter username that matches their URL is available, and if so, register it. So why is GoDaddy encouraging people […]

Yahoo Pipes – Create feeds and promote them

This is a small excerpt from my upcoming book “Managing Your Reputation Online” from the section on monitoring your reputation (yes, its blatant self-promotion…but what do you expect I’m a marketing specialist) Check out Yahoo! Pipes http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/. This is a very powerful tool for managing RSS feeds. It provides a graphic user interface that allows […]

Using Technorati Blog Search Engine

One of the most powerful ways to promote your blog is to get it into Technorati. The process for sign-ing up with Technorati is a little awkward but here it is: 1) visit technorati.com 2) sign-up 3) click “account” manage your profile 4) at bottom of profile you can claim a blog 5) enter blog […]

How to Create a Unique URL for FaceBook Profiles & Fan Pages

The first time I tried to create a unique URL for my FaceBook fan page I was looking everywhere for the link that would help me. Even FaceBook’s own help section didn’t provide an answer. However, I did manage to find the easy way to do it. Here is how: 1) Make sure you are […]

Google Instant Live in Canada – Google.ca goes instant

Google instant when it launched on the Google.com site was considered by many marketers, including myself, as a game changer. Google was slow to roll it out in other countries but now it is live on Google.ca. Now Canadian SEOs can join in on conversation. For those who aren’t Canadian this might not seem to […]

WordPress.com Verses WordPress.org

Lately I’ve become a WordPress convert. I see so much potential behind the software. However, recently I have a rather negative experience with WordPress. A new client was using WordPress.com to build their site. I figured that it would be similar to the version that you host yourself that you download from WordPress.org. I was […]

Twitter Marketing For Google – Tweet Optimization

When I first started this web site back in September of 2009, I wanted to use it to test the power of Twitter. I was a casual user of Twitter up to that point and like many people didn’t really see the value in it. However, that quickly changed, when I started blogging and noticed […]