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The Laws of Business Success Part 2

7) Giving success leads to greater success: This is a continuation of the above point that giving business to others can often drive more business your way. Also, your client’s success should always be in your mind. By making them successful or happy with the services you offer, it is very likely they will use […]

The Laws of Business Success Part 1

For the past decade, I have managed to stay self employed and have an almost 100% retention rate of clients. Building a stable business hasn’t been easy and I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. It is better to learn from other people’s mistake then to make them for yourself so take this […]

Has Social Media Made SEO Cost Ineffective

Over a year ago, I started a personal social media experiment with this web site. This site is well optimized; however, gets the majority of it’s traffic from social media. In fact social media accounts for 90% of the traffic to site despite high rankings for several major terms. Now when I get new clients […]

Merry Christmas!!!! 3 SEO Tips to Follow for Top Rankings

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I’m looking forward to 2011 I believe it is going to be a big year. I hope Santa is nice to everyone ­čśë Here is my Christmas SEO tips (a small gift from me to you) 1) use h1 tags to define your site main keywords […]

How your URL can betray you – Avoid Blog Comment Spam

If you read my blog you probably notice that there aren’t many comments. Actually this isn’t true over the past few weeks, I have received almost 400 comments. However, the problem is the majority of the comments are from spammers. It is very obvious who is a spammer and who isn’t. Spammers generally will use […]

Avoiding Google’s Naughty List

Google is in many ways just like Santa. They have a naughty list and if you get on it no presents for you. Unlike Santa Google can bring presents all year long. So here are some ways to avoid getting on that list. 1) Avoid link farms – Link farms are long lists of links […]

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Google Places – How to get to the top of Google

In the fall of 2010, Google made a major change in the way it showed the rankings. I not talking about Google instant, which was loathed by SEOs. It was another change that was slipped in below the radar. The change was that Google made its Google Places much more prominent. Instead of a few […]

Real Estate Marketing Online

About 4-5 years ago I remember hearing complains from real estate agents about the Do Not Call list and how expensive flyer or print advertising was. I had been working with agents developing web sites for them with could generate 5-10 leads per day and thought that the web was the only way to go. […]

Show Me the Money Terms – Money Terms vs. Informational Terms

When writing content people generally try to include strong keyword phrases that drive lots of traffic to a web site. The problem is traffic and sales are not always connected. Keywords can be of two very distinct types: informational and money terms. Informational terms are words used when people are searching for answers to questions […]