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Organization the Key to Successful Blogging

Tricks and tips to organizing your blog so that it is easy to navigate for your readers.

How to Promote Your Business – online and offline

Steps you can take to promote your business online and in the real world.

Online Reputation Management – Burying an Article

Learn how to bury a negative article that might be hurting your reputation.

Reputation Management – Checking out how much damage has been done

Previously I explained how the Internet doesn’t forget and that only way to treat the problem of a negative article was to bury it. Burying content can be very tricky. But here is what you can do to understand how much damage has been done (for example with a negative article): 1) See how others […]

Online Reputation Management – The Internet Doesn’t Forget

The web is like a gigantic elephant in its size and just like that elephant it doesn’t forget. The information gets stored on a server or copied onto another site and another server and so on. If you shutdown one evil head like the hydra another will take its place. There is no way to […]

If you don’t make money following this you are doing something wrong

One comment that I received from a friend was that I should explain step by step how to use one of my marketing tricks. So here you go…a step by step…How to automate making money from Twitter. Background preparation… 1) Sign up for a Click bank (clickbank.com) account 2) Sign up for a new Twitter […]

3 Tricks to Use Twitter to Find Clients

Twitter is a useful tool for engaging people and listening in on the conversations of the masses. Obviously it is a very social site, but many wonder how it can be used for business. More specifically how can you generate clients from it. Here are 3 ways to use Twitter to get new clients: 1) […]

How to Optimize Your Title Meta Tags

Of the many ranking factors that effect your ranking in Google the Title Meta Tag is possibly the most important. It not have the largest amount of weight given to it but still extremely important. For those unfamiliar with this tag it is the one that appears in the “head” section of your HTML code. […]

10 Minute Blog Post How to Write Fast

I have only 10 minutes before my next meeting, but I want to get today’s blog post our. Here are a few speed writing tricks. 1) Use point form…its about conveying ideas rather than overwhelming people with text 2) Be to the point…get ideas down quickly and with as few extra words as possible 3) […]

The January Effect – How to Build Your Business

Happy New Year! Those are powerful words. Each year people plan new resolutions. New promises to themselves that they won’t make the same mistakes as they did last year. This year I’ll get in shape. This year I’ll quit smoking. This year I’ll build my business. These are the types of promises people make and […]