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Marketing Questions to Ask Clients

We are told there are no bad questions, yet everyone knows never to ask certain questions. For example: How old are you? How much do you weigh? How much money do you make? These are some of the many questions people don’t ask. However, sometimes in order to help people you have to ask questions […]

Building a Massive Following on Twitter

Building a following on Twitter is becoming easier and easier. If you want to build a massive following one quick way is to find people to find that you know will follow you back. There are there tools that allow users to autofollow back. Connecting to people using these tools is as easy as searching […]

Brand Marketing 101 – The Brand is the Product

Why do people drink carbonated water mixed with corn syrup…because its called Coca-Cola. People don’t buy the product they buy the brand. A leather bag from Walmart and from Channel may cost about the same amount to make but people are willing to spend 100x more for the Channel one. The reason is that Walmart’s […]

Ways to Create a No Cost Business Online

In my previous article I wrote about how you needed 5 things to start a business online. Well this article will contradict all of those things. With the way technology has changed, getting an online business is even easier than ever before. So without further ado here are 4+ businesses you can start now without […]

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

Role of Social Media in Bringing Down the Egyptian Government Congratulations to the people of Egypt! The recent stepping down of the tyrant Mubarak has been by many accredited to the rise of social media. Twitter and FaceBook were initially used to rally the protest against the government and as a means to organize. When […]

5 Things You Need to Start an Online Business

I get the question “what do I need in order to start online business?” a lot from companies. So to save future time answering this same old question, I’ll be sending them to this article. I’ve started over 300 sites and know all the hardships involved. My plan goal is to save you from those […]

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FaceBook Marketing 101 – Welcome Pages

I love and hate FaceBook. I love it because it has insane amounts of potential. I hate it because it is not exactly user friendly. Recently I launched my FaceBook Fan Page (click here) that teaches people the secrets of web marketing success. However, if you don’t know anything about building a fan page it […]

OUCH! Twitter dependency…

One day I couldn’t get on Twitter. I was busy with family and client meetings and just didn’t have time to Tweet or connect like I normally do. Well I checked my web logs and for that day my traffic was down 60%. I realize that I’ve become dependent on Twitter for my traffic. I […]

What is SEO? What is it not?

Understanding the deference between what SEO is and isn’t.

Online Reputation Management – A Sign of Branding Success

Using Google keyword tool to measure the success of targeted branding.