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The World is Going to End…Did You Get the Tweet?

How social media is becoming the source for breaking news. When things went horribly wrong in Haiti or more recently in Japan, it was social media the broke the story. Witnesses to these tragedies used social media to get their stories out first. For those who are non-believers in social media you probably wonder why […]

How Free Content Equals Big Money

Recently, I read Danny Sullivan’s brilliant post about how NY Times is trying to create paywall, where visitors will be limited to 5 article views per day. NY Times tried many times in the past where they prevented all free views of the content, but it resulted in a miserable failure. This is probably what […]

Is Article Marketing Dead?

Google’s Farmer Update was a major shake up in the article marketing industry where many article sites were slaughtered. However, they are not completely gone from the search results. The thing is the update despite what Google says to the contrary was not about getting rid of swallow content. It targeted duplicate content. There is […]

Ego Building – Creating a Brand

A few months ago I wrote an article about how search engine optimization is not about ego. Well, this isn’t always the case. For example I target the ego term “SEO guru“ and I do this for a very powerful reason. When I meet with new clients, it is very cool to tell them if […]

Google Crisis Response

Every so often Google does something that truly amazes me. The Google Crisis Response application is brilliant. The tool allows people to create searches for missing loved ones during a disaster. The link above gives access to the recent Japan Crisis Response page. You can do quick searches and create a missing person’s report in […]

How to Get More Clients

Often people ask me how to get more clients. For example I work with over 100 active clients and have almost 100% retention rate. When I first started my business it was hard finding new clients, but now getting work is easy. Why? Because I realized the real problem is keeping work. When you get […]

Good Business Practices – Doing the Right Thing

Business is about ups and downs. Recently, I had a major down moment where I lost about 3 month’s worth of income in 1 week. Actually, it is worse than that it isn’t lost income its money I have to pay out to do the right thing by my clients. Google’s recent “farmer update” made […]

Farmer Update and Duplicate Content

On Feb. 24th, 2011 Google did something the was probably long overdue. Danny Sullivan referred to it as the Farmer Update because it target content farms. Content farms are sites that produce low value content usually for the purpose of link building or long term keyword targeting. Also affected were scrapper sites that collect articles […]

SEO Tips & Tricks – What Your Mom Never Told You About Marketing

Back in 1998 I started working online doing a business that didn’t exist when I was growing up. Kids would say they would want to be a firefighter or doctor. SEO or web marketer wasn’t even a possibility. Of course kids still say they would want to be a firefighter or doctor and wouldn’t even […]