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Business Success Learning from Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but the goal is to learn from them and to never make them in the first place. The problem most business’s have is they either don’t learn from their own mistakes or they don’t learn from other business’s mistakes. Way back in 2008, it was obvious that the housing marketing was going […]

Web Site Analytics Part 2 Understanding Bounce Rate, Duration, & More

This is part 2 on useful terms to understand in your web site analytics or Google analytics. Bounce rate: This is usually a percentage and tells how frequently people come into the site immediately leave without viewing more than 1 page. It suggests how sticky your web site is for your viewers and if your […]

Web Site Analytics Understanding Hits, Visits, & Page Views

Often I’ll hear proud web site owners claiming to get a million hits. The funny thing is do they really know what that means. For those who are new to web analytics I want to clarify what the language used really means. The most common terms used in your web site analytics reports are: hits, […]

Twitter Article: How to Find the Ideal Follower

In the previous article I mentioned how to determine what is an ideal follower. In this article I’m going to take it a step further and show you how to find these ideal followers. Determine listeners and leaders: When I look for good followers I start by looking at my competition (people who are in […]