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3 Reasons Why are Historical Tweets so Important?

Recently, I wrote an article on Google’s Realtime search. I expressed that archives and the ability to search past Tweets was very important. Many might wonder how could 140 char Tweets really be that important. Here are 3 reasons why historical Tweets are important 1) Archive of articles: Ever read an article from a Twitter […]

Going in Circles With Google+

At the heart of Google+ are its circles. A circle in Google+ is a categorization of a contact. Default circles include: family, friends, business, following. With Google+ you have the ability to create additional circles, so that you can custom categorize your contacts. It is important to note it is a one sided arrangement. Just […]

Google+ vs. FaceBook: How Anti-Social is the New Social

When FaceBook became accessible to everyone, I was one of the first to join. I saw the potential as means to connect with classmates and old friends. However, immediately I realized that I didn’t want to connect with just anyone. For me FaceBook was one of the few places where I didn’t try to build […]

Adding Google Toolbar to FireFox 5.0

Recently, Firefox updated its browser to 5.0. Usually, updates are a positive experience where you get new functionally and better performance. However, my experience was much to the contrary. Firefox 5.0 currently doesn’t support the Google Toolbar addon. As a SEO who relies on the Google toolbar for looking a site’s page ranks, backlinks, and […]

How to Import Your LinkedIn Connections into Google+

Currently I am working on writing a Google+ eBook. Here is a brief article from the book that will be released soon. Google+ is Google’s recent attempt to break into social media. With 1 million people joining it per day, it has gotten some traction compared to Google’s previous failed attempts to break into the […]

White Hat SEO – Black Hat SEO – Gray Hat SEO Explained

If you are a fan of old western movies, you’ll know that the cowboy in the white hat is the good guy and the one in black hat is usually the bad guy. SEOs have embraced this concept and refer to white hat SEO as the style of SEO which employs only legitimate techniques and […]

10 Steps to Getting In Google News

Google News is an important information source on the web. Getting into it can mean considerable traffic to your site. However, it is not an easy process and Google has strict guidelines. Here are 10 steps that you need to take in order to get into Google News. 1) Articles with pictures: Make sure that […]

Secret to Getting 1 million LinkedIn Connections in 1minute or less

How to build 1 million LinkedIn connections in under 1 minute.

Google Realtime Search

At the end of June Google’s contract with Twitter to provide it’s Realtime information expired. Twitter is seeking $70 million from Google to renew the contract for 2 years. The question is will Google be willing to pay or will it move to promote its social offerings instead. Google has tried on multiple occasions without […]

Making Money With Twitter – Twitter Monetization Strategies

Many months ago I read an article where major web marketers all snubbed Twitter as a marketing tool and that their was no way to make money with Twitter. Their comment was that Twitter just didn’t produce viable revenue strategies. However, I’m going to show you how they are all very wrong. There are so […]