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SEO is Dead

There was once a bird named Chicken Little, who claimed the sky was falling. Every time I hear the words “SEO is dead”, I think of him. Sorry but the world isn’t going to end and search engine optimization isn’t dead. The thing is SEO can never die as long as people search the web. […]

How To import FaceBook Friends into Google+

Google+ is great for managing contacts. But one thing is not great for is working with FaceBook. There is no simple step to import contacts from FaceBook, but I’ve found a way to do it. How To import FaceBook Friends into Google+ Steps: 1) Get a yahoo email account. I recommend creating a new one […]

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The Truth About Groupon – This Is One Coupon I Would Never Buy

Ever since Google offered $5.3 billion for Groupon, I heard countless times about the wonders of Groupon. Repeatedly, I told people that Groupon uses a bad business model. Groupon claims profitability by using an accounting method called Adjusted Consolidated Segment Operating Income (ACSOI). This metric removes the cost of acquiring the customer from the revenue […]

How to Search Engine Optimize Without Really Trying

Successful search engine optimization requires some still, but there are things you can do to get a reasonable level of optimization without spending much time or effort. This article was actually inspired by a few clients I had that had never done any hardcore optimization but managed to get some fairly good rankings. Now realize […]

5 Business Tips that Will Make You Rich

It isn’t like me to give common sense advice. I prefer usually to teach cool tricks that most people have never heard of. However, sometimes even I need to take and give out some much needed advice. I’ve been building my business for many years and realized that when I work hard good things come […]

Why Use a SEO Consultant

The Internet has grown considerably since the first web page was post at the end of 1990. Now there are over trillion web pages getting your site seen within the vast space of the web is getting harder and harder. There are two main ways people find things on the web: 1) search engines and […]