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4 Ways to get More out of Twitter

Twitter is something that most people really don’t get. Can a 140 char message be that great? Can connecting with a bunch of people you don’t know or will never meet, really benefit you? Do people really make money from Twitter? The answer to all these questions is simply yes. So you are probably wondering […]

What is in it for me? 5 ways of creating value for your potential clients

What is in it for me? This is the one question that if you can’t answer for your potential client, then you will never be successful. It is also the very first question on the minds of all clients. The question may never be asked, but it should always be answered. Here are some ways […]

How to SEO Your Blog

There several important things you can do to SEO your blog. Most blogs are done in WordPress and WordPress makes it easy to SEO your blog. First, make sure your install the right plugins like “SEO all in one pack”, which will make the search engine optimization simple, and use “Google XML Sitemaps” to allow […]

SEO Theming – Top Middle Bottom

To determine how well a page is optimized for the search engines it is important to look at the SEO theming. SEO theming is how well the page is themed toward a particular keyword. A page that is well themed towards a keyword will generally rank better for it. To check if a page is […]

3 Misconceptions of Successful People

To continue the theme of my previous article, I wanted to explain the flip side. There are many misconceptions about what makes people successful and the personality traits of successful people. Here are my top three: 1) Born Rich A lot of people feel that the you must be born rich to be rich. A […]

5 Traits of Successful People

At the end of 2010, I moved into a new neighborhood. The base price of homes here is over million dollars and the lifestyles of the people here takes a lot of money to maintain. They are young successful families who did everything right to get where they are today. I thought the neighborhood would […]

Understanding Content – What is Content?

Content is most often thought of as the indexable text on a page. To check for what is indexable on your page you can try highlighting all of the text and copying it into a text file. It might surprise you what text you have on a page. Another method is to check Google’s cache. […]

What is Unique Content?

Content is king online. For a long time search engine specialists (Like myself) have warned their clients about the dangers of duplicate content. So question arises what is unique content? A page is considered to have unique content, when it 80-90% different from any other page. Why not 100% unique content? Actually, most pages on […]

Protecting Your Business with Spam

Big business is a messy and sometimes means getting your hands dirty. Businesses are under constant attack from competitors, disgruntled employees, hackers, and even the customers can turn against them. The movie industry gives the perfect insight into this. Topically movies cost millions of dollars to produce then millions more to promote. However, even before […]

4 Skills that Will Make You Rich Online

There are four skills that if you have all of them you can become super successful online. Actually, I see no end the money that can be made if you have these skills. So what are the 4 most Internet skills. Design Being able to create beautiful designs and videos is key to online success. […]