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5 Most Annoying Email Mistakes

Email is a wonderful offshoot of the Internet. However, often it can be a headache and the source of severe embarrassment. Here are possibly the top 5 most annoying email mistakes: 1) Typos: Having sent thousands of emails where I just quickly respond I probably have this problem on a daily basis. Even with the […]

How to Embed Video into a WordPress Blog

Probably you are thinking it can’t be too hard to embed a video into WordPress, but strangely is not as obvious as it should be. You might be tempted to click the media button; however, doing so doesn’t embed the video into the page. It only adds a link to where the video can be […]

Must Haves For an SEO Friendly Design

“What must I tell the web designer to make your search engine optimization job easier?”, clients ask me this question all the time, when they are building a new web site. It actually amazes how a web designer can sabotage a perfectly well optimized site or build a new site without leaving any room for […]

SEO Question: Explaining the Google Site command

Kevin on FaceBook asked me: “Google sitelinks: How to make some pages more important then others ? atm. the wrong pages show up in my google sitelinks.” Thanks for the question Kevin. The ranking within Google’s site command results are based on your page’s importance. To see how Google values your individual page’s importance you […]

3 Factors that Will Affect Your Rankings

The following might surprise many people, but I have to state I don’t use any SEO tools. There are many out there SEOquake, SEMrush, MajesticSEO, SEO Spyglass, but I chose not to use them. I should state that I do use the SEO tools provided by Google. The funny thing is I have the tools […]