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Timely SEO – Fiscal Cliff and SEO

You might be wondering how SEO and the fiscal cliff could be related. Maybe you are thinking many SEOs are probably leaping from a cliff considering all the recent changes at Google, but that isn’t the reason. Actually, the reason I relate the two is all about timely SEO. The term “fiscal cliff” has gotten […]

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EMD Google Update

What is the EMD Google Update? EMD stands for exact match domains. It was the result of the age old expression: he who giveth can taketh away. When Google released the Penguin update many site owners suffered, but some actually were flourishing. Penguin looked at the backlinks pointing to a site and the site’s overall […]

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Media and Social Media: How News Is Created

It might sound like ancient history but there was a time when news stories took time to create. Journalists would spend months sometimes even years in attempt to dig up the truth. Take the story of the Watergate scandal. Watergate originally happened in the beginning 1972 and it wasn’t until mid-1973 that the story broke […]

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Google Disavow Tool Update

Yesterday I wrote about how Google was broken. Today, I’m writing about how they added a bandage called Google’s Disavow Tool (October 16th, 2012). Since the Penguin update, how site’s are affected by links has changed. Before Penguin links couldn’t hurt your site’s rankings. Worst case scenario links would get ignored. Now after Penguin, Google […]

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Is Google Broken?

Ask people in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry and the answer would be a resounding yes. People in the SEO industry have been turned upside down by the massive changes at Google. Every year Google performs about 500 minor tweaks of its algorithm or method for determining rankings. However, the magnitude of the current […]

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Gangnam Style Youtube Marketing

Those who know me know that I spent 3 years living in South Korea. The money I made there was what I used as start up capital for my first business online. My tie to Korea is made even stronger because my wife is Korean. So when Psy’s Gangnam Style song took the world by […]

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Diffusing the Google Bomb

Since 1996, Google has been a ticking time bomb, where SEOs had their fingers on the button. The Google bomb as it is called by the SEO community is a relatively simple idea; build many links with the same keyword anchor text and watch your rankings explode to the top of Google. There is no […]

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Bing Tool for Disavow Backlinks

Bing Disavow Links tool allows users to remove the link association questionable links. The tool is accessible using Bing’s webmaster tools (http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster) and allows for an unlimited number of links to be “disavow”-ed. The question would be if you disavow good links could it negatively impact your rankings. Bing says no. The main purpose of […]

Back From the Dead: Removing Penguin Penalty

One of my favorite clients was hit by a Penguin penalty. They went from having a strong competitive site to wiped off Google’s map. It was a call I really didn’t want to get. My client was panicking they went from being in the top 10 for a major word to not even in the […]

Google and Links What’s the Deal?

In April of 2012, there was a storm that hit the SEO community like no other. Suddenly Penguins and Pandas were not cute lovable animals anymore and they now strike fear into the hearts of any SEO. Google has changed the rules and all we know to be true is no longer. So what changed? […]