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Reducing Twitter Noise

Unless you are a rock star, celebrity, or someone truly interesting building a Twitter following does not happen over night. However, hiring someone like me can help. Recently, I helped a client building 1,400 followers targeted to their industry. The problem was also I had several non-targeted people added in the mix. To build a […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Google Plus

Google Plus is growing as a social media contender. Google might have pulled the plug on previous social media attempts but Google plus seems to be here for the long haul. Understanding Google plus as a business owner is important because when social networks are new it is the best time to take advantage of […]

SEO Secrets Revealed

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about getting your site to the top of the search engines. However, the rules for what makes a site rank are for the most part kept secret by Google. Here is what we know. Content and links to a site are the two major factors that determine rankings. Content means […]

5 Signs of Being Addicted to Social Media

Here is a little humor…I hope you enjoy. The keyword is “little” so if you think you can be funnier please feel free to post your humorous suggestions in the comments below. 1) Most of your “friends” you’ve never actually met in person 2) You speak in 140 chars or less 3) Hanging out with […]

Top 5 Social Media Myths For Business

Businesses are rushing to social media with the misguided believe that it is the new cure all. Social media is great, but many businesses will find it live up to these high expectations. Many companies will set up a FaceBook fan page, Twitter account, etc. then let the dust collect on these social profiles and […]