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Social Signals and Google Rankings

If you ever watch American Idol, the judges always seem to mention an X-factor. Something special and somewhat intangible that makes one singer better than the other. Google works in tangible ways but sometimes understanding why one site ranks above all others seems to be governed by some mystical x-factor. Usually within seconds of looking […]

The Truth About SEO

Search engine optimizers (SEOs) have been compared to snake oil salesman. With the huge amounts of money to be made online there are thousands of people claiming to be SEO experts. I was listening to the radio and heard ad by Yellowpages where they were looking for people to join their business and to become […]

3 SEO Words That Should Make You Weary

There are three words that you really don’t want to hear: fast, easy, and guaranteed. Some days I devote my time to building my knowledge and skills. I search the web for all the latest trends and information on search engine optimization. Often I find many articles where people claim to be SEO experts or […]