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A Final Goodbye Wave to Google Wave

On April 30, 2012, Google will be shutting down Google Wave. Google Wave represents a short lived experiment for Google and their attempt to redefine communication on the web. Google Wave offered tools which would make online collaboration easier than ever before, so why did it fail? The biggest problem for Google Wave was that […]

5 things To Improve Your Local Search Marketing

Google is always working to improve its search results quality. One way it does this is to look at where the person searching is from and to provide results from businesses that match that location. This is called Google localization and to have to your company better rank you need to know these 5 things […]

February Update and Google Localization

In 2011 worked on a site for a Cambridge Ontario photographer. When I checked her site’s rankings, I was pleased to find her in the top ten, but was not pleased to see what was ranked above her. While searching on Google.ca, the sites above her were from Cambridge England and US. As a Canadian […]