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How Content Can Help Your Rankings

The overall weakness of many sites is a lack of content. Several times last year Google changed what is considers to be a good site. Each of changes placed greater and greater emphasis on rich content as being the main indicator. Sites without rich text content were literally filtered out of the search results. These […]

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4 Pinterest Marketing Tools

To keep with the weekly theme of Pinterest marketing I wanted to give a list of some useful tools that can really help with your Pinterest marketing efforts. Checking your site’s pins Pinterest offers a easy way to check how many pins and who has pinned your web site. It helps gives insight into value […]

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Image Marketing 101

Images and SEO usually don’t mix. I remember working at one company many many years ago, where I sat next to the web designer and every day we would butt heads over the use of images. Often the designer wanted to design the site completely in images and I wanted lots of areas for text. […]

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The Pinterest Effect – Why Your Blog Should Use Images

If you look at the majority of my blog posts, you will quickly notice they generally don’t contain any images. I’m usually limited for time and have little time to write the articles sometimes not enough time to even proofread them…sorry for that. So taking time to find good images to spruce up my blog […]

Duplicate Content and CopyScape

I’m not sure what is going on by lately I’ve had a string of clients all with serious issues with duplicate content. One client even claimed he had SEO-ed his site. He version of SEO involved pasting all of his pages’ content onto other sites. The result for this SEO site was it couldn’t even […]

Reputation Management: Removing Negative Content

Whether you like it or not it is just a matter of time that something is going to be said about you or your business that you don’t like. It is too easy for people or even your competition to destroy your reputation. Whether it is a negative review, newspaper article, or complaint site, the […]

Rich Content and Google Panda

The typical panda bear eats about 9 to 14 kg (20 to 30 pounds) of bamboo shoots a day. That’s a lot of bamboo. Therefore a panda will like to find places to sit down where there’s lots of bamboo to eat, rather then gather a little bit here and there. Google’s Panda is very […]