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Google and Links What’s the Deal?

In April of 2012, there was a storm that hit the SEO community like no other. Suddenly Penguins and Pandas were not cute lovable animals anymore and they now strike fear into the hearts of any SEO. Google has changed the rules and all we know to be true is no longer. So what changed? […]

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Creating 301 redirects

If you read my previous article on 404 errors and Google you will realize the importance of 301 redirects. The question you may be asking yourself as you read this is: What is a 301 redirect. Answer is simply a 301 redirect brings someone from one page to another automatically. If page x has a […]

404 Errors and Google

Change is the one true constant. Web sites should always be in a state of change in order to grow. However, change is a dangerous thing and if done incorrectly can actually hinder a site. One of the most common things I see especially after successfully optimizing a site is the following: The site starts […]

Duplicate Content Protection – Using Rel Canonical

Google has become in recent days utterly bad at understanding what is and isn’t duplicate content. I’ve seen sites get accidentally penalized for duplicating pages within their sites. For example one would think that it is obvious that www.mysite.com, mysite.com, and mysite.com/home are all the same page. However, for Google these are three pages with […]