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Three Big Mistakes that People Make About Social Media

This might sound funny but I always tell people that I’m the least social person that is social on social media. Reading that sounds like SEO keyword spam for the “social”, but what I mean by it is: I don’t use social media in order to make friends I use it to drive business to myself or my clients. This means engaging people socially still but with a business intent. This could involve making business offerings or providing advice interesting to those who follow you. The goal is not to make friends but to build business. If the followers become your friends that’s just a bonus. So the first mistake people make is that approach it with the believe that it can’t be or shouldn’t be used for business. They think have to engage and be active on social media solely in a friendly kind of way, but this doesn’t have to be case. You can use social media for business.

The 60-40 rule

Now this doesn’t mean you solely focus on business. This is the second biggest mistake happens when people focus too much on the business side alienating their potential customers by being too pushy about products. There is a balance required between business and non-business communication. This balance is known as the 60-40 rule. 60% can be business related messaging and 40% is about social engagement. So business related messaging can involve mentioning specials, deals of the week, store openings, things that will create business interest. The other 40% of the messaging can be lighter or fun posts. This can involve creating posts that are about your community, reposts of other people’s content that’s fun, ask questions or feedback from your followers, posts images or videos, or give cool quotes. The point is to find a balance between work and play. Remember all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. The same applies to your social activity, if you just constantly post out about business people will get bored and lose interest. Creating a variety of posts is important because it makes each more special. For example, if all your posts refers to having 50% off sales, then it doesn’t really seem like a big deal. However, if the if after many posts there is more which mentions a 50% sale then people will feel it is a rare event and are more likely to take action. So the 60-40 rule is important to remember because it keeps things interesting for your readers and followers.

Be active

The third biggest mistake is that companies fail to post often enough. Being social means being active. You must post out frequently or your followers will feel like your company is dead. How much you post really depends on the social network, but at least you should be posting out daily. Remember if you use hashtags and engaging content you can not only maintain your following but build new followers. So be active!

In summary, don’t be afraid to post business content, remember the 60-40 rule and be active and you can have more success with your social marketing. If you have questions, please feel free to comment below or give me a call.

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