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3 Misconceptions of Successful People

To continue the theme of my previous article, I wanted to explain the flip side. There are many misconceptions about what makes people successful and the personality traits of successful people. Here are my top three:

1) Born Rich
A lot of people feel that the you must be born rich to be rich. A recent study in Canada found that only 6% of millionaires in Canada received the money as an inheritance. This means 94% of millionaires were self made. So never let your social background be an excuse for not being successful. We all have it within us to be successful. Whether we choose to be successful or not is one choice we all must make.

2) Smarter than everyone else
Intelligence is a very useful thing. Being smart distinguishes us from the other animals on the planet and is the reason why humans are the dominate species on the planet. But when it comes to who is successful amongst our species it isn’t the end all be all. Though it is easy to think a few smart people at the top like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg, they are the few exceptions against a field of fairly average people. Though raw intelligence not might be a factor, knowledge remains important. You need to understand your field and know more then what others do. Knowledge is power and being smart is an added bonus.

3) Lazy
Many people think of the rich as lazy people who are sitting on beaches or playing on the golf course. Yes, rich people do to these things but probably the reality is that they work hard and play hard. For me my success has come from work 7 days a week and taking few holidays. When I take holidays, it is to balance out the fact that I was burning myself out. However, because I love what I do, even during my holidays I think of my work and long to get back to it. So after the vacation is over I eagerly jump right back into the work mode. This is the attitude toward work that successful people have. You can’t be successful if you are lazy. There is no easy way, no short cuts, effort is required. Fortunately, if you love what you do, then it becomes effortless.

The reason for the popularity of these misconceptions is that those who are not successful seek an excuse. There is a general misconception that successful people must be somehow special. The reality is that people who are successful do what we all know how to do but choose not to. The path to success is simple: work hard, look for opportunities, help others, and take responsibility.

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