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3 SEO Words That Should Make You Weary

There are three words that you really don’t want to hear: fast, easy, and guaranteed. Some days I devote my time to building my knowledge and skills. I search the web for all the latest trends and information on search engine optimization. Often I find many articles where people claim to be SEO experts or like me, a SEO guru, but really have a very limited knowledge of the field. Often to encourage people to use their services they’ll use the three words I mentioned above: fast, easy, and guaranteed.
However, SEO is anything but fast, easy, or guaranteed.

SEO is not fast
Sometimes getting rankings does happen fast, but as a rule SEO involves a bit of patience. Content in the site must be built and links from external sites must be built. This just takes time. There are tricks the help speed up both of these processes but often they have short lived gains. The best way is the time tested true way, which is build good content and encourage people to link to it. It is a slow way but it is the right way. As the tortoise says “slow and steady wins the race.”

SEO is not easy
Often my clients will ask me what I do. They’ll believe they can just change the meta tags or repeat the keywords 1000x and get rankings. Funny thing is many SEOs do exactly these types of things and the result is no result. Creating content with keywords is only part of the battle. Understanding how the search engines and how your competition are changing is other the major part. SEO is not rocket science but it does require ever changing knowledge of the field. So companies hire SEOs because as a SEO you must constantly expand your knowledge base. Things change and a good SEO changes all the time.

SEO is not guaranteed
Often clients ask for a guarantee. My favorite response is: If I could guarantee rankings on Google, I would have to be an owner of Google and if i was an owner of Google I wouldn’t need to do SEO work any more. The point is there are no guarantees. SEOs have no control over Google and can only follow best practices and should help with rankings.

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