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3 Tricks to Use Twitter to Find Clients

Twitter is a useful tool for engaging people and listening in on the conversations of the masses. Obviously it is a very social site, but many wonder how it can be used for business. More specifically how can you generate clients from it.

Here are 3 ways to use Twitter to get new clients:
1) Monitor: Twitter has many ways to do searches to allow you to read Tweets even from those who you don’t follow or aren’t following you. The site monitter.com allows you to search via keywords in conversations and by location of where those conversations are happening. These conversations are streamed real time. Thus you can tap into conversations in your community and potentially about your products.

2) Hashtag: Hashtags, I explained in several of my previous posts, are the way Twitter connects people into a conversation around a topic. By using hashtags you can guide a conversation to discuss topics that concern you. Even without having a following a hashtag gives you the ability to communicate with a large audience who just happen to be talking about what interests you.

3) Engage: With the following two previously mentioned ideas in mind, you must engage the people who you find. Twitter gives several ways of doing this: replying (using the @ and the users handle), DM (direct messaging), and following them. Following the very people who are talking about your business or similar businesses to yours is a fast way of building a targeted audience and potential clients.

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