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5 Business Tips that Will Make You Rich

It isn’t like me to give common sense advice. I prefer usually to teach cool tricks that most people have never heard of. However, sometimes even I need to take and give out some much needed advice. I’ve been building my business for many years and realized that when I work hard good things come my way and when I slack off my business suffers. Working from home it is always a battle between those two forces (of working too hard or not at all) and staying focused is a constant challenge. Here are my 5 business tips that will make you rich because they will keep you headed to that goal.

1) Don’t slack off
Putting things off until tomorrow is an easy thing to do. This is common sense advice that is most commonly ignored. It is the difference maker between success and failure. Those who can focus on their work and get things done will ultimately succeed. When I begin to slack, I think of the difference between a professional writer and a person who does it as a hobby. The hobbyist will wait for inspiration where as the professional just writes. Sometimes you just got to do the work regardless of your feelings towards it.

2) Organize and routine
Beside my keyboard is a piece of paper on it is a list of to do’s. It is a simple method of organizing the tasks that I need to do. I manage over 100 clients so whenever I get new work I add it to the list so that it doesn’t get forgotten. On the paper, I have a second list of routine work that I need to do every day. So I can plan my day between the two lists where I set time side for new work and my daily business chores. The goal is to work faster so that instead of managing only a few clients I can manage more. Because I create a routine I also get faster and therefore can spend more time on getting more new work. A few years ago I thought managing 20 clients would stretch me pretty thin, now I know it can easy handle 200 or more.

3) Think beyond yourself
My business’s philosophy is my client’s success is my success. Most people do the work they are told to do and nothing more. The problem is you need to do more to be successful. Passing the buck or saying that it isn’t your problem are the paths to failure. Taking a real interest in the needs of others and making that extra effort to give them not only what they want will earn you the success you seek. Take an interest in your company and see how you can help it grow. The people who do more and make themselves an asset to the company are more likely not to get fired and to move up. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is the point is don’t think what your business can do for you but think what you can do for it. Remember if the company that you work for isn’t successful how can you ever expect to get success from it.

4) Love what you do
This is really an extension of the previous tip. People who love what they do will be more likely to be better at their job. Loving what you do means learning everything about it, bringing a positive attitude to your workplace, and ultimately means living a happier life. The average person works from 9 to 5. That’s eight hours that’s half or more of the time we are awake each day. If you don’t love what you do then you are wasting your life. I remember the story of the happy monk who enjoyed each moment of his life even the moments when he was doing chores. By embracing each moment he was happy. Remember richness of a person’s life isn’t just measured by how much money they make but the quality of their life.

5) Know your goal and steps to achieve it
The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is they set a goal as to be rich. Saying that you want to be rich doesn’t get you any closer to being rich. First you need to know what rich is. It is a certain amount of money or is it a lifestyle. Once you really define what would make you rich then you need to set a path to achieve that goal. Remember you should always think of ways to achieve parts of your goal. It you tackle each part of your success goal then try to tackle it as a whole. Create a plan that is a achievable and based it on your past. For example my business goal was to have 20 clients. When I started my business, my first step was to get 1 client. For that client I worked hard and made sure that they would remain a client. The next goal was to repeat the first step and get another client. After a while my long term goal was achieved, then I set a new goal. That is the true key to becoming rich once you achieve your goal don’t stop. Many businesses fail not because they didn’t reach their goals, but because they don’t set new goals. Stagnation leads to failure. Success comes from reaching higher and higher goals. The funny thing is there is always room to grow.

I hope the above advice will inspire you to grow your business. Please feel to give me your common sense advice in the comment form below.

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