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5 Things You Need to Start an Online Business

I get the question “what do I need in order to start online business?” a lot from companies. So to save future time answering this same old question, I’ll be sending them to this article. I’ve started over 300 sites and know all the hardships involved. My plan goal is to save you from those trials and tribulations.

Here is what you need to start a business online:
1) Product or service: If you already have an offline business you might have this step checked off. However, if not think about niche products that you can sell online. Remember think about price and amount involved to manage sells. Do not expect to get millions of sales day 1.

2) URL: With the product or service in mind think of domain name or URL that includes that keyword in it and is catchy so that people will remember it. One issue you’ll find when getting a domain is most good names are taken. I recommend .com over the other choices but sometimes you just need to get what is available. Try Godaddy.com for registering the domain costs about $10.

3) Hosting: Once you have a domain you will need a hosting account which is where your web site files will be stored. Do not use Godaddy.com for hosting their hosting isn’t great. I recommend Hostgator.com who provides cheap and quality hosting usually $4-10/month depending on your needs.

4) Web site: You can hire a designer ($500-$5000) or try coding the site yourself, but an easy way to get a basic site is using WordPress.org. If you use hostgator’s hosting they have a 1 click installation of WordPress that will allow you to have a site up in minutes.

5) Marketing plan: Generally a site without any marketing will never get visitors. You must market it. This means optimizing it for the search engines and using social sites to promote it. The plan doesn’t need to be complicated but just think of ways to get people to your site.

Now having said all of that…the funny this is you can probably start a business without having any of the above things…see my next article for full details…(suspense)

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