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Adding Videos on Linkedin

On May 2nd, 2013, Linkedin added some new abilities for users to better showcase their talents. They did so by adding videos on Linkedin. Now you can create videos, pictures, pdfs, and Power Point Presentations and have them as part of your Linkedin resume. The power of video is the ability for you to better connect with those reading your online resume. Sometimes writing about something isn’t enough. With video you can really show the world your talents. Some obvious examples where adding video to your resume would be handy are: musicians could create videos of their performances or concerts, artists could create a photo gallery or video of their artwork, or public speaker could use it to showcase their public speaking skills.

For me adding video to Linkedin allows me to achieve several goals. First it allows me to teach readers of my profile about SEO. For me teaching is important because it allows me to demonstrate my knowledge and skill. Also, adding video or more precisely embedding video is extremely important to my marketing efforts. When I embed my Youtube video links, these links power up my videos on Youtube. One of Youtube’s major ranking factors is to look at the links associated to the videos. Linkedin profiles have a lot of authority (strong link power). The result is higher rankings on Youtube for my videos.

How do you add videos to Linkedin?
First log into Linkedin and click edit on your profile page. There is now a new option that looks like a square with a plus. linkedin add video Looks like this image. Once you click you can either upload of file from your computer or embed a link. I recommend using the link option where you connect your Youtube video to gain the benefit I mentioned above. That is all you need to do. It’s pretty easy and provides huge benefit to your Linkedin profile making it stand out.

If you have questions or comments, please leave a message below and enjoy adding your videos to Linkedin.

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