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Blog Talk Radio – Internet Broadcasting

For the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with my own online radio show via Blog Talk Radio. You can listen to my show at Web Marketing News. The internet broadcasting platform is excellent at Blog Talk Radio. It allows you to schedule and promote your shows very easily. Unless you upgrade from the free to paid service shows are limited to 30 minutes so you need to make the most of your time. So here are several things you need to remember when doing your show:
(these are things I need to remember too)

1) Introduce your show: Spend 2-3 minutes tell the listens the name of the show and the name of the episode. If possible create an intro clip to add extra excitement or professionalism to the show. I have yet to create this, but hoping to have something soon.

2) Introduce yourself: Make sure you tell the listeners who you are. This helps add credibility and can be a pitch for your product or services. Mention your web site as well so people can further reach you.

3) Introduce the topic: Quickly give the listeners an idea of what the show will be about. This will help you as well because it will put your ideas into point form and help you to remember what needs to be covered.

4) No more than 5 points: If you have ever done PowerPoint presentations, there is a rule of thumb that you should not spend more than 2-3 minutes per slide. The same thing applies to online broadcasting if you have only 30 minutes to talk, your content should take about 15 of the time. This gives you only enough time to talk about 5 points. Trying to discuss more than that will cause you to rush and no topic will get the attention it deserves.

5) Sum up your content: Online the main points of the show so they are easy to remember for your audience.

6) Thank your listeners and ask for feedback: With Blog Talk Radio shows can be commented on. It is important to thank your listeners and encourage them to post comments. Ways of encouraging feedback is to ask them questions or their thoughts on the show.

7) Close the show: Conclude by saying..”You’ve been listening to..” Mention the name of show, topic, quick points about yourself like name, web site, blog, twitter, etc., and tell them when they can hear the show next and what the topic will be.

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