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4 Skills that Will Make You Rich Online

There are four skills that if you have all of them you can become super successful online. Actually, I see no end the money that can be made if you have these skills. So what are the 4 most Internet skills.

Being able to create beautiful designs and videos is key to online success. Though web design has become a fairly cheap skill, the majority of designs are templates or mediocre at best. Having the ability to create unique images and videos is extremely important. With good designs skills you can create popular web sites, videos, or engaging images that are great for viral marketing. To get good at this skill you can watch tutorials on Youtube. The best software includes: Photoshop, After Effects, Fireworks, and Final Cut Pro.

There are a few good coders online. This may surprise you but the majority of coders will recycle code or rely on software to do the code for them. Even outsourced coders can command top dollar for their services. Coding represents the base for all web sites. It allows you not only to build web sites but allows you to create apps, Flash video, databases, scripts, plug-ins, and software. Some the top web code languages are php, html, xml, java, javascript, and asp. Popular platforms for coders include: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, Coldfusion and Rubyonrails.

Creating content is essential for online business. Being able to create fast well written articles is a valuable skill. Even for a generic articles the cost is usually $6-10 per article, which a good writer can create in 5-10 minutes. A quality copywriter can charge as much as $100-200 per article. Writing for the web is actually easier than for the offline world because online articles are usually shorter because online attention spans are limited. To become a good writer requires only a good sense of grammar, creativity, and practice.

Online Marketing
Online marketing allows you to promote your creation online. It is sometimes not enough to have a good product you need it to be found. Marketing drives traffic, builds business, and creates awareness. Online marketing is a huge field that includes: search engine marketing (SEM/SEO), social media marketing, article marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. Learning online marketing tips is as easy as doing a few Google searches. There is a huge wealth of information online that can teach this important skill.

A person that has all of the above skills is an unstoppable force online. They can build and promote anything they can dream of. The amazing thing is that few are willing to do what it takes to get the skills. It only takes time to read and learn and patience to acquire these necessary skills; however, the reward is huge. If you knew that if you dedicated just 1 year to learning everything you needed for online success, would you do it?

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