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Crack Marketing – Getting People Addicted to Your Marketing

I realize the title may offend people, but hear me out first. Often when I work with clients it is all about giving them a taste of the power of web marketing then getting them hooked on the success. Generally a client will want more and more of a good thing. I call this crack marketing because just like the drug successful marketing can be very addictive. The sad truth about the way the average drug dealer will operate is they will give a free or low cost sample to their target and use that as a means to create a new addict customer. Once hooked the addict will be a buyer for life. Though the morals of this are in my mind super evil, the marketing strategy has merit.

Fortunately, the drug I deal to my clients is not something which does damage to them. In fact the more they take the healthier their business will become. My drug of choice is web marketing.

Here is how it works…and it can apply to any industry, but my example will be for SEO/web marketing.
1) The taste – In the first step, you need to provide a basic service at a reasonable price. The low price entices people to try it. For me I charge a small set up fee to optimize my clients’ sites for handful of terms and usually target the easier long tail terms that give the biggest bang for the buck to my clients. I know that they probably won’t rank #1 but I’ll try for top 10. Really I want top 5.

2) The hook – The hook is very simple. After the optimization is done they see their site ranked in top 10. It is a big ego boost and the resulting traffic/sales is really what makes them addicted. I had one client that had their first online sale within 24 hours of my work taking effect they remain a loyal client. The hook works with my philosophy that my clients’ success is my success.

3) Providing a stronger drug – Once you know a client is hooked on your services you have to upsell. Generally just like the drug the client will need a stronger and stronger dose to feel satisfied. Getting them a stronger dose is simple; show them the possibilities of increasing their marketing efforts. I show them the possibility of better rankings through link building, targeting more terms, integrating social media, and so much more. Each act as ways to build their business and get them more dependent on my services. If you think about it, addiction is just a another word for dependency.

4) Feeding the addiction – Once you show them the possibilities is really just a matter of maintaining the different marketing efforts.

Remember once you get a client into the concept of marketing they may seek other sources where they can get their fix cheaper and with a stronger hit. A successful marketer must be constantly aware of the other dealers out there.

I hope you enjoyed my crack marketing analogy, please free feel to comment 🙂

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