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EMD Google Update

What is the EMD Google Update?
EMD stands for exact match domains. It was the result of the age old expression: he who giveth can taketh away. When Google released the Penguin update many site owners suffered, but some actually were flourishing. Penguin looked at the backlinks pointing to a site and the site’s overall link profile. If too many links pointed to a site that were using obvious keyword anchor test spam, then they would suffer the Penguin wrath because it was seen as unnatural. What was seen as natural were links which contained the name of the site or URL. So if a site just happened to have a keyword rich URL (domain name) then even if the site’s profile seemed keyword rich it was okay. This meant that suddenly domains with exact match to keywords were doing extremely well after the Penguin update. Google had giveth.

Google had a new problem, which was many of the EMD sites were not really worthy of the rankings they enjoyed. So it was time of Google to taketh away. At the end of September 2012, Google released the EMD update. The EMD updaGoogle EMD updatete basically re-leveled the playing field where exact match domain sites didn’t get such a rank boost.

However, did the EMD Google update really work? Is there still value for EMDs?
The Google update did effect many EMD sites, but it focused more on the site’s content rather than link profiles. So this means if you have a content rich exact match domain, you are probably okay. In fact, you can still benefit of a very rich keyword link profile. Actually, just one week before the release of the EMD update, one of my clients had purchased several EMDs. They were ranked usually in the top 3 for their targeted keywords. The client panicked when Google made the announcement. It looked like they had wasted their money. Fortunately it wasn’t the case these sites still rank well now. The reason was they had good content.

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