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How to SEO Your Blog

There several important things you can do to SEO your blog. Most blogs are done in WordPress and WordPress makes it easy to SEO your blog. First, make sure your install the right plugins like “SEO all in one pack”, which will make the search engine optimization simple, and use “Google XML Sitemaps” to allow for fast indexing of your blog content. However, these will not guarantee your blog will get top rankings.

Here are some things to remember for how to SEO your blog:

Pick your topic wisely
Too often people pick blog topics that are too common and the level of competition will make ranking your blog a challenge. Pick a niche that you are interested in that is unique enough that there will few sites competing on it but something that appeals to a large audience. Do a few searches on Google to see what the competition is like.

Do keyword research
Once you have chosen your topic, use Google’s keyword suggest tool https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal to help you to find potential article ideas. Look for popular phrases within your theme and use those as your article titles.

Make sure to use all the blog elements
Tag your blog, allow for comments, categorize it, and use these areas to make the content fresh and keyword rich. Tags should include important keywords and reinforce these between your blog entries. Comments add content to your blog post, which keeps them fresh and encourages Google indexing and re-indexing of the pages. The categories allow you organize your content into themes and sub-themes which are important for helping to SEO your blog.

Promote the blog articles
Though content is king for Google, links are as important to your site’s rankings. Even a well search engine optimized blog will not rank well without links. So promote your blog by Tweeting, Digging, doing status updates on Linkedin and FaceBook, and you can even comment on the related blogs your article links. Point is look for other places to get links and lots of them.

I hope all of these things have taught you how to SEO your blog.

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