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SEO Questions: A Recent SEO Interview and my Responses

– What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is about learning the rules of what the search engines like Google want followed when building a web site.

– How did you get started in SEO?
Started in 1998, when I had no money for traditional forms of marketing for promoting my business.

– Is SEO still important?
Extremely importantly. Most web sites get 60% of all their web site visitors from Google.

– How does SEO work?

There are two major ranking factors: on page content and links. Combined they determine how well a site will rank.

– How can business get consumers from SEO?

SEO involves targeting words their customers use when searching for products or services like theirs. Being highly ranked on the search engines means get more of the searchers (meaning customers) visiting your site.

– What are some of the changes happening at Google?
Google updates it algorithms over 400 times per year. Updates include many animals including: Penguin, Panda, Hawk, Pigeon, and Mongoose.

– Which is better for business social media or SEO?
Both work together and both are important means to drive business to your site.

– How can social media and SEO work together?
SEO helps provide content and stickiness to a website and social uses that content for food for posts. The links and social signals from social media also boost search engine ranking.

– Is blogging important?
Blogging is at the heart of SEO. There is an expression in the industry content is king.

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