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Timely SEO – Fiscal Cliff and SEO

timely seoYou might be wondering how SEO and the fiscal cliff could be related. Maybe you are thinking many SEOs are probably leaping from a cliff considering all the recent changes at Google, but that isn’t the reason. Actually, the reason I relate the two is all about timely SEO. The term “fiscal cliff” has gotten a lot of attention since Obama won the presidential election. Most people aren’t really sure what the term means, so it garnered a fair number of searches from trying to keep up to date. The term got a whopping 27 thousands searches. The cool thing is there are very few sites that really target the term, meaning it is relatively non-competitive. This is what timely SEO is all about, targeting keywords that are of the moment. Launching a site all about the fiscal cliff and entitled fiscalcliff.com could be a great marketing strategy as a way of taking advantage of timely SEO.

The goal for any SEO is to find new markets to target. Using timely keywords allows for fast paced marketer to jump on a new keyword’s up swing in popularity and low competition. Often I use this same tactic in my blog writing. Examples would be my articles on the various Google updates. Because these updates each are named they become timely keywords that can drive a fair amount of traffic to my site. Here are the numbers of searches for the most recent Google updates:
Google Penguin 14,800
Google Penguin update 4,400
Google Panda 22,200
Google Panda update 4,400
Google farmer 260
Google EMD update 390

The great thing about timely SEO is the same rules apply to social media. Writing about something that is trending can drive a huge number of visitors to your site. For example when Google Wave was first launched I wrote a quick eBook on it and tweeted about my free ebook on Twitter. Within 1 day it had over 300 downloads, which is not bad for a book that took me an hour to write.

So when you are considering how to update your site’s content remember to be timely. If you have any questions, please leave comments below I don’t always post comments but I do read them and respond to the people who write them 🙂

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