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Media and Social Media: How News Is Created

It might sound like ancient history but there was a time when news stories took time to create. Journalists would spend months sometimes even years in attempt to dig up the truth. Take the story of the Watergate scandal. Watergate originally happened in the beginning 1972 and it wasn’t until mid-1973 that the story broke […]

Internet Marketers get so busy making money, they forget about the people who are paying them in the process.

Recently, someone did a FaceBook poll where they asked: “Internet Marketers get so busy making money, they forget about the people who are paying them in the process.” True or False were the two choices for responses. Probably many clients of Internet marketers can feel this way but the truth is to be successful as […]

What is in it for me? 5 ways of creating value for your potential clients

What is in it for me? This is the one question that if you can’t answer for your potential client, then you will never be successful. It is also the very first question on the minds of all clients. The question may never be asked, but it should always be answered. Here are some ways […]

3 Misconceptions of Successful People

To continue the theme of my previous article, I wanted to explain the flip side. There are many misconceptions about what makes people successful and the personality traits of successful people. Here are my top three: 1) Born Rich A lot of people feel that the you must be born rich to be rich. A […]

Protecting Your Business with Spam

Big business is a messy and sometimes means getting your hands dirty. Businesses are under constant attack from competitors, disgruntled employees, hackers, and even the customers can turn against them. The movie industry gives the perfect insight into this. Topically movies cost millions of dollars to produce then millions more to promote. However, even before […]

Toronto SEO

Have you ever heard the expression, “If I can make it can here, I can make it anywhere”? Well, the expression was meant for New York , but more accurately depicts Toronto when it comes to SEO. Toronto SEO (search engine optimization) is possibly the most difficult market in the world. I imagine many people […]

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The Truth About Groupon – This Is One Coupon I Would Never Buy

Ever since Google offered $5.3 billion for Groupon, I heard countless times about the wonders of Groupon. Repeatedly, I told people that Groupon uses a bad business model. Groupon claims profitability by using an accounting method called Adjusted Consolidated Segment Operating Income (ACSOI). This metric removes the cost of acquiring the customer from the revenue […]

5 Business Tips that Will Make You Rich

It isn’t like me to give common sense advice. I prefer usually to teach cool tricks that most people have never heard of. However, sometimes even I need to take and give out some much needed advice. I’ve been building my business for many years and realized that when I work hard good things come […]

How Free Content Equals Big Money

Recently, I read Danny Sullivan’s brilliant post about how NY Times is trying to create paywall, where visitors will be limited to 5 article views per day. NY Times tried many times in the past where they prevented all free views of the content, but it resulted in a miserable failure. This is probably what […]

Why paying $545 million for diapers was a good idea

Paying $545 million for diapers might sounds like a lot of money, but when it for the company Quidsi owner’s of diappers.com you may see it as a good one. In November 2010 Amazon paid this much to buy full ownership of the company. The reason is simple Quidsi is doing something right. The company […]