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Yellow Pages Marketing Reviews

If you are using Yellow Pages, stop now! I just got off the phone with Yellow Pages. The experience probably took several years off my life. I feel so drained by it. Here is what happened. My client made an agreement with Yellow Pages and are locked into using their services for 1 year. This […]

SEO, Blogging, Social Media and Your Business

On Wednesday, 6th February 2013 at 10am to 12pm I’ll be presenting at the Markham YMCA Business Centre. Contact Connie Wong Administrative Representative for more details at (905) 948-9622 Ext 222. Directions for the event: YMCA Markham Business Centre 4855 14th Avenue, Unit 3 Markham, Ontario L3S 3L6 This marketing event will cover what all […]

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Gangnam Style Youtube Marketing

Those who know me know that I spent 3 years living in South Korea. The money I made there was what I used as start up capital for my first business online. My tie to Korea is made even stronger because my wife is Korean. So when Psy’s Gangnam Style song took the world by […]

Internet Marketers get so busy making money, they forget about the people who are paying them in the process.

Recently, someone did a FaceBook poll where they asked: “Internet Marketers get so busy making money, they forget about the people who are paying them in the process.” True or False were the two choices for responses. Probably many clients of Internet marketers can feel this way but the truth is to be successful as […]

Why Businesses Need to Use Twitter

Many many years ago people probably thought having a phone wasn’t necessary for business. However, the same thought today would sound silly. The same happened with the advent of the Internet. However, companies gradually embraced the idea of having a web site as an essential part of being in business. Now it is happening again […]

5 Most Annoying Email Mistakes

Email is a wonderful offshoot of the Internet. However, often it can be a headache and the source of severe embarrassment. Here are possibly the top 5 most annoying email mistakes: 1) Typos: Having sent thousands of emails where I just quickly respond I probably have this problem on a daily basis. Even with the […]

Protecting Your Business with Spam

Big business is a messy and sometimes means getting your hands dirty. Businesses are under constant attack from competitors, disgruntled employees, hackers, and even the customers can turn against them. The movie industry gives the perfect insight into this. Topically movies cost millions of dollars to produce then millions more to promote. However, even before […]

4 Skills that Will Make You Rich Online

There are four skills that if you have all of them you can become super successful online. Actually, I see no end the money that can be made if you have these skills. So what are the 4 most Internet skills. Design Being able to create beautiful designs and videos is key to online success. […]

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The Truth About Groupon – This Is One Coupon I Would Never Buy

Ever since Google offered $5.3 billion for Groupon, I heard countless times about the wonders of Groupon. Repeatedly, I told people that Groupon uses a bad business model. Groupon claims profitability by using an accounting method called Adjusted Consolidated Segment Operating Income (ACSOI). This metric removes the cost of acquiring the customer from the revenue […]

5 Business Tips that Will Make You Rich

It isn’t like me to give common sense advice. I prefer usually to teach cool tricks that most people have never heard of. However, sometimes even I need to take and give out some much needed advice. I’ve been building my business for many years and realized that when I work hard good things come […]