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Changing How We Think Of Search

Those of you who aren’t familiar with Yioop, now is probably the time to start learning more about it. Yioop is an open sourced search engine that you download and set up in less than 15 minutes. So you are probably wondering why do we need another search engine, we have Google right? Though Google is great for many things, it doesn’t do what Yioop can. Google is a search of the world wide world. They decide what sites get indexed and decide for you how rank them. Yioop puts the control into your hands your can use it index your own favorite sites or use it online to build a search of all your personal documents. Unlike Google it doesn’t spy on you. The search you create is yours.

Understanding Yioop:
Back in the 1970s Steve Jobs called dozens of potential investors about the idea of the personal computer. The idea at the time was insane. Why would anyone need a personal computer? It took time for people to realize that something that had only been essential for big businesses was also just as essential for individuals. Nowadays we hear a lot of talk about Big Data that companies are gathering so much information from so many sources that managing and organizing it has become a nightmare. As result an industry has grown out of managing big data using search technology. Companies like Lucene and Eightylegs provide solutions which involve a team of people to implement but do the job of managing the data. It reminds me of the early computer age where whole floors within a company were devoted to its one computer. Managing and maintaining that one computer was the job of many people within a large company. So it is very easy to understand why the idea of bringing that huge task into every home in the world seemed ridiculous. Fortunately the computers become smaller and more manageable so the dream of the personal computer was realized. Also there was a demand for this technology. People’s lives were changing. We needed computers for creating simple documents, for entertainment, and many more things that we now can’t function without. Today I see the dawn of personal search where individuals will need to manage their big data troubles and will need a technology that is simple and requires no team of people to manage. Why would anyone need a personal search? The answer is simple we are creating a huge amount of data this includes: social media posts, web sites, emails, Skype messages, documents on our computers, contact lists, texts on our phones, images on our cameras/phones and the list goes on and on. Managing our own digital collections of stuff has become a very personal nightmare. It is a nightmare which we can all awake from with Yioop. Yioop requires only a few minutes to install and setup. You tell it what to index and after it gathers and sorts the information, you can search through it and find exactly what you are looking for. The age of personal search is here, embrace it.

Click for more information about Yioop’s open source search engine and the free download.

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