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Creating a Thank You Message For Linkedin

linkedin-thank-you-messagesA while ago I wrote an article about How to Create an Auto-Response in Linkedin. That article remains popular to this day and is major source for my Linkedin connections. Often people will ask me how to create the thank you message for the semi-automated response for Linkedin. So this is why I write this follow up today. I want people to have a step by step guide for creating these thank you messages. Though this is intended for Linkedin, the same method could be used on other social sites, when connecting with someone new, or as a great template for an auto responder.

Here are my 5 steps to creating a Thank You Message For Linkedin:

1) Use Person’s name: This may seem obvious but so often people will create a template and not put a space for adding the person’s name. When I say thank you, I say “hi [name]”. By having the person’s name in the response it makes the person feel more at ease and less likely to ignore your message. The goal remember is to have them read your message.

2) “Thank you for connecting.”: Literally write this. Always thank people for reaching out to you.

3) Offer: The offer you should keep simple. For example: If you ever need SEO help, please feel free to contact me. The goal is not to pitch the person one your services, but subtly mention what you can do for them. Remember if they are connecting with you they probably already know what you do, but it never hurts to suggest they can use your services. Do not mention discounts or product offers, this could come across as a hard pitch and it is not the right time.

4) About them: Sometimes I include a quick 1 line where I recognize what they do and show interest. Showing interest in others usually results in them showing more interest in you. You probably wonder why I wrote “sometimes”, well often I get invitations from people who I really don’t want to show interest. For example: Indian SEO companies. I do work with Indian companies, but know that they are very aggressive and showing any interest means receiving dozens for messages that all contain hard pitches of their services. I love you India, but not always 😉

5) More contact info: Make sure to include your email, phone, web site, twitter user name, Facebook. Basically, add a signature to the message. The goal is obvious you want them to contact you and to give them as many ways possible to do so.

6) Keep it short: Though this isn’t really a step presay, it is important to keep in mind that people don’t want to read long emails. The shorter the response the more lately that the person receiving it will actually read it.

I hope this helps. If you want to connect with me on Linkedin, please add me via allanp73@gmail.com In the comments below please send me your Thank You messages or questions you may have about creating them. I am always willing to help.

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