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Google Mobile Update: Mobilegeddon the Aftermath

mobilegeddonOn April 21st, 2015 Google release mobilegeddon which was the first major update that Google has announced. This is an unusual thing for Google to do. The Panda and Penguin updates affected billions of pages yet there was no warning and the losses online were major. With this update Google foreshadowed it for months and even officially announced it on their blog.
The update’s goal was to make sites which were not mobile friendly to become so or suffer Google’s wraith. The fact they warned put fear into my heart and the hearts of many in the SEO and web sphere. Would it mean that even more sites would be hit? Would it spell disaster for those who failed to have a mobile friendly site?

So what happened with Google’s mobile update?

It is now the day after mobilegeddon and for the most part things seem pretty much the same they were before the update.

Official word from Google says this update:

“Affects only search rankings on mobile devices”
“Affects search results in all languages globally”
“Applies to individual pages, not entire websites”

When I do searches on my mobile phone I see some shift but still non-mobile friendly sites are ranking okay. I would have expected them to be pushed down.

Still the damage might not have been as severe as many thought it would be but this doesn’t mean you should wait on making your site mobile friendly. Currently, 40% of people search via their mobile phones and this number will only grow over the next few years. If the update grows in its impact it could spell disaster for your online business. Also, it spells an opportunity to outrank those who haven’t made the mobile transition.

I’ve been the last few months helping my clients make this transition and helping reap the benefits. Not only will they benefit from the potential rank boost on Google but they are making their sites more accessible which means not ignoring the huge business what happens on mobile.

To test whether your site is mobile friendly use Google’s mobile test tool at: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

If you need help to change your site to a responsive web design that is mobile friendly, please contact me.

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