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How to Build Rich Content

how to build rich contentSince the early days of Google, content has been king. Now it is even more important to produce content which is rich. The questions that could be asked are “what is rich content?” and “how do I build rich content?”.

First, we must understand what is considered poor or thin content in order help us better understand what is rich content. Content is the information that appears within a site. It can be images, videos, or text. Often poor content contains very few words, sometimes it is duplicate content where the content is actually stolen from another site, often it is poorly written, where there are many grammatical or spelling mistakes, and has no activity, meaning no one is reading or sharing the content. All of these things make content weak.

Now understanding the flip side is much easier. Rich content includes:
1) Long text: Short articles don’t cut it with Google. Now it likes long articles with 500+, if not 700+, words. With Google size matters.

2) Well written text: Content that is grammar checked and reads well will make Google happy. Google has gotten a lot better at detecting weak content. For example often content from India or Philippines so riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes and often contains words that are misused. This mass produced content annoys the visitor and has caused problems for Google. Part of the reason for the multiple versions of Panda updates has been to determine if the content is quality or just massed produced spam. Another thing about well written text is that is must be original. Often Google can detect duplicate or spun content and tries to ignore it or penalize it.

3) Media rich: Pages that are contain images and videos, gain additional Google love. One of my personal goals is to convert much of my blog content into video where the video would be embedded into the pages. This way the visitor can either read the page or watch the video. To gain even more Google love, I’ll have these videos shown on Youtube. I also add images so the pages can be shared on Pinterest or other image sharing sites. Remember by adding good images and video not only can you make the page look prettier but you can also benefit by getting in Google’s image and video searches. All this helps as a means of getting more viewers to your pages.

4) Traffic: A page that gets little or no traffic is considered to be a dead page. Google does track a page’s activity. Often spam content pages will have no activity and it is a major red flag to Google. One thing is do is to search for your page on Google then visit it from Google. Often I don’t give people direct links to my pages instead I tell them to search specific keywords that will lead to the pages. This helps Google to see that the pages are active,it is a nice way to confirm with Google that you knew how to build rich content.

5) Social shares: Another form of activity that Google wants to see from a rich content page is that there is a a lot of social sharing of the content. Make sure when you create your page that it has share share icons. Also, when you add new articles that you promote them via social media. Obviously, if you have the Google plus option you will do better with Google. When I first launch a new article part of the way I both promote the article on social media and numbers of the social shares, is to click the social share icons myself to share it first with my followers. With just a few clicks it gets a good boost across all the social sites and looks richer to Google.

6) Comments and feedback: Even strong pages can look stale over time. Part of maintaining a rich content page is to make sure that good content is added to it all the time. One way of doing this is to encourage visitor feedback and comments. By getting their responses you can make your page look fresh and increase the word count. Make sure that when ask them for feedback and respond to the feedback they give to keep the conversation going.

7) SEO: All of the things I mentioned so far help to creating a content rich article but SEO ties them all together and gives the article a marketing direction. It is really important to create articles with a SEO perspective.

If you have questions on how to build rich content for your site, please feel free to contact me or comment below.

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