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How to Import Your LinkedIn Connections into Google+

Currently I am working on writing a Google+ eBook. Here is a brief article from the book that will be released soon. Google+ is Google’s recent attempt to break into social media. With 1 million people joining it per day, it has gotten some traction compared to Google’s previous failed attempts to break into the social media industry. Google+ main attraction is the ability to categorize contacts into what calls “circles”. Google+ currently makes it a little awkward to do social invites but you can import contacts lists if they are in a csv file. So getting your email contacts is relatively easy. FaceBook is not so easy. However, you can gather the ones in LinkedIn.

To import your connections from LinkedIn to Google+ take the following steps:

1) Login into LinkedIn
2) Click on the “Contacts” link and “My Connections”
3) at bottom of the page you’ll see “Export Connections” save as .csv file
4) Login into Google+
5) Click the “Circles” tab
6) Click “Upload address book” then choose your LinkedIn .csv file
7) Assign the contacts to circles.

All done importing your LinkedIn connections into Google+

Google+ seems to have some issues with assigning large numbers at once. You might want to consider creating a new circle called “LinkedIn connections”. Some of your LinkedIn connections will not be in Google+ so you will need to invite them. After dragging and dropping the connections into circles you will see an option at the bottom to invite them. Make sure you take this extra step.

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