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SEO Questions: A Recent SEO Interview and my Responses

– What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is about learning the rules of what the search engines like Google want followed when building a web site. – How did you get started in SEO? Started in 1998, when I had no money for traditional forms of marketing for promoting my business. […]

Google and Links What’s the Deal?

In April of 2012, there was a storm that hit the SEO community like no other. Suddenly Penguins and Pandas were not cute lovable animals anymore and they now strike fear into the hearts of any SEO. Google has changed the rules and all we know to be true is no longer. So what changed? […]

Internet Marketers get so busy making money, they forget about the people who are paying them in the process.

Recently, someone did a FaceBook poll where they asked: “Internet Marketers get so busy making money, they forget about the people who are paying them in the process.” True or False were the two choices for responses. Probably many clients of Internet marketers can feel this way but the truth is to be successful as […]

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Negative SEO Myth or Reality?

Negative SEO is belief that SEOs can use spam links or black hat links in order to negative affect a competitor’s rankings. Recently the idea of negative SEO resurfaced when the Penguin update from Google affected many SEOs and their clients. Originally named the over optimization update, it targeted sites with blatant black hat or […]

3 Misconceptions of Successful People

To continue the theme of my previous article, I wanted to explain the flip side. There are many misconceptions about what makes people successful and the personality traits of successful people. Here are my top three: 1) Born Rich A lot of people feel that the you must be born rich to be rich. A […]

Making Money With Twitter – Twitter Monetization Strategies

Many months ago I read an article where major web marketers all snubbed Twitter as a marketing tool and that their was no way to make money with Twitter. Their comment was that Twitter just didn’t produce viable revenue strategies. However, I’m going to show you how they are all very wrong. There are so […]

Knowing Your Customers

Search engine optimization is a highly misunderstood field. People either believe it to involve keyword stuffing or some a black magic. The truth is SEO is actually more about knowing your customers and speaking to them in the language they expect to hear. The goal of a good SEO is to help you to know […]

How to Use SEO to Spy on Your Competitors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very powerful skill to have. Not only does it help you get a site to the top of the search engine rankings but you can use it to learn about your competitors. I’m going to show you a few simple SEO tricks to spy on your competitors to get […]

Business Success Learning from Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but the goal is to learn from them and to never make them in the first place. The problem most business’s have is they either don’t learn from their own mistakes or they don’t learn from other business’s mistakes. Way back in 2008, it was obvious that the housing marketing was going […]

Good Business Practices – Doing the Right Thing

Business is about ups and downs. Recently, I had a major down moment where I lost about 3 month’s worth of income in 1 week. Actually, it is worse than that it isn’t lost income its money I have to pay out to do the right thing by my clients. Google’s recent “farmer update” made […]