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Online Reputation Management – A Sign of Branding Success

Last month according to Google Keyword tool, 28 people searched my name as a keyword phrase. Now you are probably thinking so what? The point is that is 28 people specifically looking for me, not my product or service, but me. Earlier searches would have shown nothing. I’m finally on the radar. My name is for the search engines a new term and it is a sign of branding success that it is now searched. The goal now is to increase this awareness and monitor the growth of the branding by checking tools like Google Keyword Suggestion tool.

Online Reputation Management: What you can learn from this?

1) Consider creating a new term the defines your product or service. Because you created the term you know that your site will rank top for it. Also, you know that by monitoring its usage that your branding is working or not.
2) My name is very unique which was a fortunate case for me. Your coined term must be as unique in order to know that it is truly you they are searching for. When coming up with terms to use do a few searches on Google and see if other people might have used the term in the past. For example I came up with the term reverse-googling, which is to try to lower a site’s rankings on Google. However, the term was actually used previously by someone else to mean to look up someone’s name in Google. Fortunately, via my SEO work I’m the topped ranked for the term so my definition will win the branding war.

3) Ultimately the main take away from this article is that Google Keyword tool can be used to monitor your brand. The cool thing about it is that once your branding gets strong enough you can see not only the number of people actively looking for your brand but the keywords associated to your brand. By doing a “board” search, Google provides alternate keyword suggestions. So for example my name showed all the misspellings of it like: Alan Pollet and Allan Pollet. By the way misspellings of my name get about 75 searches so even this branding exercise needs work. I got brand how to spell my name :)

Thank you for all those who searched my name…keep up the good work ­čśë

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