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Online Reputation Management – Burying an Article

If you have been reading along with my previous posts I’ve taken you through the story of how reputations can be forever tarnished on the web. First I showed how the Internet doesn’t forget, then taught you how to see how much damage has been done, and now I’m going show you how to make it all go away. The Internet may not forget but people do. 15 minutes of fame applies to the online world as well. If people are speaking badly about you on social sites change the topic. Guide them away from the negative topic and steer them to something new and different. See my post on Tweet Baiting for ideas on changing the topic and shifting interest. Once they start focusing on something new the old story gets lost in the millions of new status updates and tweets.

Now if there is a negative article on you on the search engines it can linger because it gets associated to you. If every time someone searches for your name or product they find the negative article in the search results it will impact your reputation. To bury the article you most get it out of the top 30 results. (Most searchers don’t go past top 20) To get an article out of the top 30 means getting 30 pages to rank above it.
This might not sound like much but it is like creating 30 #1 sites. So the process is much more difficult than standard SEO work.

Burying Content on the Search Engines

However, here is what is involved with accomplishing that task:

1) Create 100 social media profiles optimized for the necessary keywords. Social profiles generally will rank well on Google. Creating a lot of them is a means to bombard the term.

2) Create 50 social bookmarks linking to each of these profiles (about 5000 bookmarks in total). The goal is not to solely rely on the power of the social site where the profiles reside but go further and build the link power of those pages.

3) Do a press release try to leverage news related sites to use their established link power to get a new article up to bury the previous one. Google likes fresh stories and will generally rank it better than older stories. Make sure you title the story correctly so contents the correct keywords and yet is interesting enough for news agents to accept the story.

4) Create articles and do an article release. Basically there are thousands of blogging and articling sites where you can post articles. Do a submission to these sites. If you spin the article carefully then you can get even more positive effects.

5) Get social. Tweet often about any positive story(s) you are using to bury the negative one. In the Tweet use the targeted keywords it will act like a link bomb which reinforces the link power of the positive articles.

The goal is no mercy for the negative article and it should get buried beneath dozens of positive ones. If you need help with online reputation management and the above steps please give me a call at 905-417-9470.

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