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3 Tips to Help With Reputation Management

Watch the video or read my tips that will help you with reputation management. Usually, when people have something online which hurts their reputation, they become less active on social media and they make themselves isolated. Damage to one’s reputation causes a real fear to be active and often we try to escape when the […]

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Reputation Management Guru

Back in 2010, I wrote the ebook “Managing Your Reputation Online” and pointed out that reputation management was going to become a major issue for businesses/individuals moving forward. Since then I talked to hundreds of people on the topic and become an online reputation management guru. I want to share some of the insights that […]

Online Reputation Management Video

This video gives some online reputation management tips for businesses dealing with how to manage their reputations online. I’m planning to create more videos in this series in order to give a comprehensive understanding of the problems and solutions with dealing with managing reputations online. Main points in this video are: 1) Create good list […]

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Negative SEO Myth or Reality?

Negative SEO is belief that SEOs can use spam links or black hat links in order to negative affect a competitor’s rankings. Recently the idea of negative SEO resurfaced when the Penguin update from Google affected many SEOs and their clients. Originally named the over optimization update, it targeted sites with blatant black hat or […]

Reputation Management: Removing Negative Content

Whether you like it or not it is just a matter of time that something is going to be said about you or your business that you don’t like. It is too easy for people or even your competition to destroy your reputation. Whether it is a negative review, newspaper article, or complaint site, the […]

Protecting Your Business with Spam

Big business is a messy and sometimes means getting your hands dirty. Businesses are under constant attack from competitors, disgruntled employees, hackers, and even the customers can turn against them. The movie industry gives the perfect insight into this. Topically movies cost millions of dollars to produce then millions more to promote. However, even before […]

Online Reputation Management – A Sign of Branding Success

Using Google keyword tool to measure the success of targeted branding.

Online Reputation Management – Burying an Article

Learn how to bury a negative article that might be hurting your reputation.

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Online Reputation Management – How Others Can Sabotage Your Reputation

How a company’s reputation can be used to blackmail them