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Reputation Management – Checking out how much damage has been done

Previously I explained how the Internet doesn’t forget and that only way to treat the problem of a negative article was to bury it. Burying content can be very tricky. But here is what you can do to understand how much damage has been done (for example with a negative article):

1) See how others would find the article. Is the article coming up on the search engines or is it on the social sites? Search on Google, Yahoo, twitter etc….

2) On the search engine what keywords does the article rank for? Remember they mainly hurt your business if those are the same keywords that your business targets.

3) What is the page rank of the article? Usually a higher page rank not only means that the article is competitive but it could be on a authority site. News related sites are powerful players on the search engines and are to outrank.

4) Is it a news site? Generally news agencies are desperate for content and will reuse content from other sources. So it could be the case that a negative article or story could be used across news web sites. Do an exact search (using quotes) for the title of the article. Also search for the for two lines from the article. I did this for one client and the article had been posted on over 1200 sites.

5) How old is the activity? Are people still commenting on the story? Are there Tweets or status updates going on about it? Use Google.com/realtime and search your name or words related to the article. Usually you can see dates associated to the activity.

6) How is the article being promoted? How many backlinks does the article page have? Who is linking to the article?

Next article I’ll get into steps you can take to bury the article or negative story about you.

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