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Reputation Management Guru

Back in 2010, I wrote the ebook “Managing Your Reputation Online” and pointed out that reputation management was going to become a major issue for businesses/individuals moving forward. Since then I talked to hundreds of people on the topic and become an online reputation management guru. I want to share some of the insights that shared when I did my seminars.

Word’s of Wisdom from a Reputation Management Guru

First, understand the no matter how great you are as a person or business there will come a day when someone will believe otherwise. Not only will they not like you or your business, but they will tell the world how much they don’t like you. Even though this maybe just one individual, they can destroy you and your business. I’ve seen it happen and it will happen to all of us. I know that sounds like a bit much but the Internet and social media have changed things. People’s voices can be heard around the world instantly and their words can last forever. Sadly when people hear a negative comment or review they are more likely to be believe it over positive comments. The fact is most review sites are really just places where people vent their frustrations. with this in mind, be prepared. You need to prepare a defense and be ready for that day.

Second, when things do good wrong be the first to know it. One of the biggest and most frequent mistakes companies make is being the last to respond. It is actually easy to monitor your reputation using tools Bizi360 or Google Alerts. So you can alert yourself when anything is said about you, your brand, or products and services. Responding first allows you to mitigate the problem and getting to it before it get social fuel.

The last point I would recommend for you to reach to me and ask how a reputation management guru can help you to build, defend and monitor your reputation online.

My online reputation management services include:
– Bury negative articles within the search results
– Removing negative comments or reviews
– Creating articles on major news or authoritative sites
– Help to create positive content or reviews
– Monitor and alert when any reviews, comments or articles are posted online.

Below is a video I created a few years back on reputation management. It’s worth watching and still very relevant today.

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