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Secret to Getting 1 million LinkedIn Connections in 1minute or less

You probably are thinking this is another scam or some black hat trick to build connections on LinkedIn. Actually, it is a perfectly legitimate technique. First, I’ll explain how connections are made on LinkedIn then I’ll show you how to create 1 million+ connections within 1 minute. LinkedIn connections are broken up into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels. First level connections are people you are directly connected with this could be your friends, family, and business connections. 2nd level connections are people who you are not connected directly to but are directly connected to your first level connections. 3rd level connections go one more level deep and represent furthest level that you can search when searching within LinkedIn. Therefore the goal is to build as many connections as possible so that you can search for more people and more people can search for you. I realized this very early on and tried to build as many connections as I could to expand my network and be visible to as many people as possible.

As result I have 67 people viewing my profile each day because I have 2800+ 1st level connections, 1.4 million second level connections, and 19 million 3rd level connections. So you may have guessed just by adding me as your 1st level connection you can gain 1.4 million 3rd level connections. It takes about 1 minute to do that and all you need to do to add me. My LinkedIn email is allanp73@gmail.com.

How to add LinkedIn connections using an email address:
1) Login to LinkedIn
2) Roll over “Contacts” click “Add Connections”
3) Type email address into the “enter email addresses” box and click “send invitations”
4) remember use my email allanp73@gmail.com and it will give you about 1 million connections

Use this trick and add in your friends, family and business contacts and really build your connections.

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