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Why SEO is Not Dead

Why jumping on SEO trends can be dangerous The basics of SEO haven’t changed, since the term was first coined back in 1997. However, the nuances of SEO change on a daily basis. Google openly stated that it tweaks its algorithm over 400 times per year. Staying aware of the SEO trends is important. Where […]

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Google Disavow Tool Update

Yesterday I wrote about how Google was broken. Today, I’m writing about how they added a bandage called Google’s Disavow Tool (October 16th, 2012). Since the Penguin update, how site’s are affected by links has changed. Before Penguin links couldn’t hurt your site’s rankings. Worst case scenario links would get ignored. Now after Penguin, Google […]

A Final Goodbye Wave to Google Wave

On April 30, 2012, Google will be shutting down Google Wave. Google Wave represents a short lived experiment for Google and their attempt to redefine communication on the web. Google Wave offered tools which would make online collaboration easier than ever before, so why did it fail? The biggest problem for Google Wave was that […]

SEO Question: Explaining the Google Site command

Kevin on FaceBook asked me: “Google sitelinks: How to make some pages more important then others ? atm. the wrong pages show up in my google sitelinks.” Thanks for the question Kevin. The ranking within Google’s site command results are based on your page’s importance. To see how Google values your individual page’s importance you […]

3 Factors that Will Affect Your Rankings

The following might surprise many people, but I have to state I don’t use any SEO tools. There are many out there SEOquake, SEMrush, MajesticSEO, SEO Spyglass, but I chose not to use them. I should state that I do use the SEO tools provided by Google. The funny thing is I have the tools […]

Going in Circles With Google+

At the heart of Google+ are its circles. A circle in Google+ is a categorization of a contact. Default circles include: family, friends, business, following. With Google+ you have the ability to create additional circles, so that you can custom categorize your contacts. It is important to note it is a one sided arrangement. Just […]

Google+ vs. FaceBook: How Anti-Social is the New Social

When FaceBook became accessible to everyone, I was one of the first to join. I saw the potential as means to connect with classmates and old friends. However, immediately I realized that I didn’t want to connect with just anyone. For me FaceBook was one of the few places where I didn’t try to build […]

Adding Google Toolbar to FireFox 5.0

Recently, Firefox updated its browser to 5.0. Usually, updates are a positive experience where you get new functionally and better performance. However, my experience was much to the contrary. Firefox 5.0 currently doesn’t support the Google Toolbar addon. As a SEO who relies on the Google toolbar for looking a site’s page ranks, backlinks, and […]

How to Import Your LinkedIn Connections into Google+

Currently I am working on writing a Google+ eBook. Here is a brief article from the book that will be released soon. Google+ is Google’s recent attempt to break into social media. With 1 million people joining it per day, it has gotten some traction compared to Google’s previous failed attempts to break into the […]

10 Steps to Getting In Google News

Google News is an important information source on the web. Getting into it can mean considerable traffic to your site. However, it is not an easy process and Google has strict guidelines. Here are 10 steps that you need to take in order to get into Google News. 1) Articles with pictures: Make sure that […]