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Timely SEO – Fiscal Cliff and SEO

You might be wondering how SEO and the fiscal cliff could be related. Maybe you are thinking many SEOs are probably leaping from a cliff considering all the recent changes at Google, but that isn’t the reason. Actually, the reason I relate the two is all about timely SEO. The term “fiscal cliff” has gotten […]

Back From the Dead: Removing Penguin Penalty

One of my favorite clients was hit by a Penguin penalty. They went from having a strong competitive site to wiped off Google’s map. It was a call I really didn’t want to get. My client was panicking they went from being in the top 10 for a major word to not even in the […]

Duplicate Content Protection – Using Rel Canonical

Google has become in recent days utterly bad at understanding what is and isn’t duplicate content. I’ve seen sites get accidentally penalized for duplicating pages within their sites. For example one would think that it is obvious that www.mysite.com, mysite.com, and mysite.com/home are all the same page. However, for Google these are three pages with […]

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How Content Can Help Your Rankings

The overall weakness of many sites is a lack of content. Several times last year Google changed what is considers to be a good site. Each of changes placed greater and greater emphasis on rich content as being the main indicator. Sites without rich text content were literally filtered out of the search results. These […]

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Image Marketing 101

Images and SEO usually don’t mix. I remember working at one company many many years ago, where I sat next to the web designer and every day we would butt heads over the use of images. Often the designer wanted to design the site completely in images and I wanted lots of areas for text. […]

Duplicate Content and CopyScape

I’m not sure what is going on by lately I’ve had a string of clients all with serious issues with duplicate content. One client even claimed he had SEO-ed his site. He version of SEO involved pasting all of his pages’ content onto other sites. The result for this SEO site was it couldn’t even […]

5 things To Improve Your Local Search Marketing

Google is always working to improve its search results quality. One way it does this is to look at where the person searching is from and to provide results from businesses that match that location. This is called Google localization and to have to your company better rank you need to know these 5 things […]

The Truth About SEO

Search engine optimizers (SEOs) have been compared to snake oil salesman. With the huge amounts of money to be made online there are thousands of people claiming to be SEO experts. I was listening to the radio and heard ad by Yellowpages where they were looking for people to join their business and to become […]

3 SEO Words That Should Make You Weary

There are three words that you really don’t want to hear: fast, easy, and guaranteed. Some days I devote my time to building my knowledge and skills. I search the web for all the latest trends and information on search engine optimization. Often I find many articles where people claim to be SEO experts or […]

SEO Secrets Revealed

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about getting your site to the top of the search engines. However, the rules for what makes a site rank are for the most part kept secret by Google. Here is what we know. Content and links to a site are the two major factors that determine rankings. Content means […]