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How to Build Rich Content

Since the early days of Google, content has been king. Now it is even more important to produce content which is rich. The questions that could be asked are “what is rich content?” and “how do I build rich content?”. First, we must understand what is considered poor or thin content in order help us […]

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Timely SEO – Fiscal Cliff and SEO

You might be wondering how SEO and the fiscal cliff could be related. Maybe you are thinking many SEOs are probably leaping from a cliff considering all the recent changes at Google, but that isn’t the reason. Actually, the reason I relate the two is all about timely SEO. The term “fiscal cliff” has gotten […]

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Media and Social Media: How News Is Created

It might sound like ancient history but there was a time when news stories took time to create. Journalists would spend months sometimes even years in attempt to dig up the truth. Take the story of the Watergate scandal. Watergate originally happened in the beginning 1972 and it wasn’t until mid-1973 that the story broke […]

How to Embed Video into a WordPress Blog

Probably you are thinking it can’t be too hard to embed a video into WordPress, but strangely is not as obvious as it should be. You might be tempted to click the media button; however, doing so doesn’t embed the video into the page. It only adds a link to where the video can be […]

How to SEO Your Blog

There several important things you can do to SEO your blog. Most blogs are done in WordPress and WordPress makes it easy to SEO your blog. First, make sure your install the right plugins like “SEO all in one pack”, which will make the search engine optimization simple, and use “Google XML Sitemaps” to allow […]

What is Unique Content?

Content is king online. For a long time search engine specialists (Like myself) have warned their clients about the dangers of duplicate content. So question arises what is unique content? A page is considered to have unique content, when it 80-90% different from any other page. Why not 100% unique content? Actually, most pages on […]

Is Article Marketing Dead?

Google’s Farmer Update was a major shake up in the article marketing industry where many article sites were slaughtered. However, they are not completely gone from the search results. The thing is the update despite what Google says to the contrary was not about getting rid of swallow content. It targeted duplicate content. There is […]