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Image Marketing 101

Images and SEO usually don’t mix. I remember working at one company many many years ago, where I sat next to the web designer and every day we would butt heads over the use of images. Often the designer wanted to design the site completely in images and I wanted lots of areas for text. […]

5 Signs of Being Addicted to Social Media

Here is a little humor…I hope you enjoy. The keyword is “little” so if you think you can be funnier please feel free to post your humorous suggestions in the comments below. 1) Most of your “friends” you’ve never actually met in person 2) You speak in 140 chars or less 3) Hanging out with […]

Top 5 Social Media Myths For Business

Businesses are rushing to social media with the misguided believe that it is the new cure all. Social media is great, but many businesses will find it live up to these high expectations. Many companies will set up a FaceBook fan page, Twitter account, etc. then let the dust collect on these social profiles and […]

How To import FaceBook Friends into Google+

Google+ is great for managing contacts. But one thing is not great for is working with FaceBook. There is no simple step to import contacts from FaceBook, but I’ve found a way to do it. How To import FaceBook Friends into Google+ Steps: 1) Get a yahoo email account. I recommend creating a new one […]

Google+ vs. FaceBook: How Anti-Social is the New Social

When FaceBook became accessible to everyone, I was one of the first to join. I saw the potential as means to connect with classmates and old friends. However, immediately I realized that I didn’t want to connect with just anyone. For me FaceBook was one of the few places where I didn’t try to build […]