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Social Media Optimization Toronto

Social media has been a hot marketing field for several years now. So much so that people think of search engine optimization (SEO) is a little passe. However, as a SEO marketer I must defend the importance of SEO. Google, Yahoo, and Bing have made my work harder each and every year. I remember the […]

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Creating a Thank You Message For Linkedin

A while ago I wrote an article about How to Create an Auto-Response in Linkedin. That article remains popular to this day and is major source for my Linkedin connections. Often people will ask me how to create the thank you message for the semi-automated response for Linkedin. So this is why I write this […]

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Adding Videos on Linkedin

On May 2nd, 2013, Linkedin added some new abilities for users to better showcase their talents. They did so by adding videos on Linkedin. Now you can create videos, pictures, pdfs, and Power Point Presentations and have them as part of your Linkedin resume. The power of video is the ability for you to better […]

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Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles on Linkedin

I just received a very cool email from Linkedin. My profile was ranked as in the top 1% percentage of most viewed profiles on Linkedin. This makes me feel incredibly special..nice ego boost. But I know that getting to the top of Linkedin wasn’t just shear luck. Here are some of the tricks I did […]

How to Import Your LinkedIn Connections into Google+

Currently I am working on writing a Google+ eBook. Here is a brief article from the book that will be released soon. Google+ is Google’s recent attempt to break into social media. With 1 million people joining it per day, it has gotten some traction compared to Google’s previous failed attempts to break into the […]

Secret to Getting 1 million LinkedIn Connections in 1minute or less

How to build 1 million LinkedIn connections in under 1 minute.